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breathe deep, dream big, aim high, tiptoe and reach...

Princess Jackie
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JACKIE. 17 15 12 10 months away from the big 20, I'm a sort-of Sophomore trying to muddle my way through an Accounting Degree. Afterward, one hopes to make it into law school and join the big, bad world of Corporate Law. Let's all hope I don't lose my morals when I go work for "The Man," shall we?

The mind of a shrewd and no-nonsense lawyer and the heart of a poet and artist make me an interesting combination. Often, you will find me conflicted as the mind and the spirit tell me to go two different ways. I am very family-oriented and my mother is one of my reasons for living. Friends are the spice in one's life and they keep things interesting. I'm a very loyal one and I'll stand by you through thick and thin...though I'll lay the smack down if you're being a fool. As a lover, I am a little fickle, but that all depends on how well you can capture my heart interests.

My guilty pleasure is dancing to Ricky Martin's Sound Loaded album.

JOURNALISM. It's been a part of me since I was eleven. I've dabbled in most fields of campus journalism: from photojournalism to newswriting to feature writing to copyreading. Editorials, however, will always be my great love.

WRITING. I've been writing far longer than I have been a journalist. Like all good little authors, I started out with a diary and an active imagination. Time has changed my style dramatically. The muses have been silent lately, but I plan to take up my current WIP and revive it.

Current Project/s: None. :(

THEATER. My first love, seriously. I've loved the stage since the first time I stood on one. You would hope that this was some sort of magical fairy tale where I end up becoming the next Audrey Hepburn. Alas, this isn't a storybook romance; it's life. Fate directs me to less right-brained pursuits.

ART. Once a struggling comic-book artist, always a struggling artist. Despite having my interest in the visual arts having fallen to the wayside as I directed my energies elsewhere, I am still an aesthetic and I like pretty things.

PHI THETA KAPPA. The largest international honor society for two-year colleges. I am a proud member of the Alpha Omega Mu chapter. I am the current Vice-President of Scholarship and I've been kicking ass and taking names. Some projects I've handled were the UC Personal Statement workshops, presenting at a conference against Human Trafficking and volunteering at the Village of Hope. ΦΘK is currently what takes up most of my time and energy (besides school).

PURPLE. My absolute favorite color. Gift me with something violet and I'll love you forever. Other colors of interest are midnight blue, silver and black.

OTHERS. Jack-of-all-trades, master of none. Baking. Cooking. Knitting. No, I am not your mother. Academics. Bartending. Bowling. Charities. Humor. Dance. Environment. Fashion. Football. History. NBA. NFL. Olympics. Pets. Politics. Soccer. Swimming. Volunteer Work. Holding hands. Rain against the windows. Jumping to the bass. Falling in love.

AUTHORS/BOOKS. Amy Tan. Angels and Demons. Ann M. Martin. Anne of Green Gables. Anne Rice. Arthur Conan Doyle. Colleen McCullough. Danielle Steel. Douglas Preston. Edgar Allan Poe. Greek Mythology. Harry Potter. Jane Austen. Lincoln Child. Little Women. Lives of the Mayfair Witches. L.M. Montgomery. Mitch Albom. Mythology. Nicholas Sparks. Paolo Coelho. Sherlock Holmes. Sidney Sheldon. Stephen King. The Thornbirds. The Unbearable Lightness of Being. The Vampire Chronicles. William Shakespeare.

MOVIES. 21. 300. A Man Apart. A.I. Casablanca. Disney: Bambi 2, Hercules, The Lion King 1, 2, 1½, Mulan. The Fast and the Furious Trilogy. Gone With The Wind. Harry Potter. Lord of the Rings. Ocean's Eleven. Romeo + Juliet. Serenity. Star Wars. West Side Story.

MUSIC. ABBA. All-American Rejects. APO Hiking Society. Bob Marley. The Calling. Carlos Santana. The Chicago Soundtrack. Coldplay. David Bowie. Eraserheads. FM Static. Guns and Roses. Jon Bon Jovi. Jimi Hendrix. Latin. Led Zeppelin. Lifehouse. Macarena! Maroon 5. Meg & Dia. Motion City Soundtrack (yeah, invalidreality's fault). Mrs. Robinson. Parokya ni Edgar. Ricky Martin. Rivermaya. Stevie Ray Vaughn. Urbandub. Vertical Horizon. We Shot The Moon. Yellowcard.

OTHERS. Andrew Lloyd Webber. Anthony Hopkins. Audrey Hepburn. Avenue Q. Cate Blanchett. Emma Thompson. Gaspard Ulliel. Helena Bonham Carter. Jim Sturgess. Judi Dench. Miss Saigon. Morgane Dubled. Moulin Rouge. Phantom of the Opera. Rahm Emmanuel. Tim Burton.

TELEVISION. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. CSI: Crime Scene Investigaion. CSI: Miami. CSI: New York. Full House (Korean). Glee. Greek. Grey's Anatomy. Hell's Kitchen. House, M.D.. How I Met Your Mother. Kitchen Confidential. Modern Family. Saturday Night Live. Scooby-Doo. That 70's Show. The Tudors. Whose Line Is It Anyway?

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